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The Day You Rescued Your Dreams

Updated: Feb 10

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lives a hero named You. And your dreams were stolen. From the throne room of Daunting Task Castle, the evil tyrant called Procrastination keeps your Dreams locked up in his chest. Each day he mocks them and tries to convince you of how hopeless you are in achieving them.

Countless times the two of you have clashed swords, but Procrastination would always leave you bruised and bloodied on the field of battle.

But one day, you encounter a wise old wizard. "A hero's true strength relies on more than great Dreams," he says. "A hero also needs the right resources." He then gives you a map that reveals the location of various Resources needed for your final battle.

With newfound hope, You embark on your quest.

The first weapon You acquire is a powerful sword of Specific Goals. This blade slices through the fog of confusion and uncertainty, allowing You to focus on the Daunting Task at hand.

Now you need a shield. So you apprentice yourself to the master swordsman called Time Management. As a reward for your faithfulness and hard work, he rewards you with a shield.

"This shield," says Time Management, "will protect you from Procrastination's poisonous darts of distraction and confusion."

Now off to the dwarves. After helping them prepare a broken well, they reward your kind service with the hammer called “Task-Breaker”. The craftsman who made it proudly raises it high. “Daunting Task Castle has thick walls that seem impossible to break through,” he says. “But Task-Breaker is strong enough to crush those high and heavy walls into small, manageable pieces. You’ll have no problem getting through.”

Realizing you still need an edge over Procrastination's weapon of Self-Doubt, you explore the caves. And by luck, you find the amulet called Celebrations. In previous battles, Procrastination often threw Self-Doubt at you when you weren’t ready. This snake would sink its venomous fangs into your heart. You would feel so weak and discouraged that you were easily defeated.

But Self-Doubt is no match for Celebrations. Should the snake manage to bite you once again, all you have to do is remember the past victories you've won. The amulet then creates a warm, encouraging aura so powerful that the venom can’t poison your strength.

As you prepare yourself for the final battle, you are joined by a Loyal Friend. Procrastination prides himself on defeating lone wolves. When he sees you with a Loyal Friend who believes in you and helps fight your battles, Procrastination will be caught off guard.

Now you’re ready. You approach Daunting Task Castle with your Resources. The gate opens as Procrastination rides toward you on his horse, sword drawn. His face is full of arrogance. “This time, I’ll deliver a wound making it impossible for you to rise up from the battlefield.”

As he approaches, you draw your Sword of Specific Goals. Its bright light makes it impossible for Procrastination to rely on the fog of confusion to catch you unawares.

You strike first and hear a shriek. Procrastination is both awed and incensed at your new-found skills from Time Management. And no matter how many times he strikes with his disorganization and distractions, your master’s shield keeps you completely unharmed.

“Self-Doubt,” cries Procrastination. “Attack!”

Out comes the black, ugly snake of Self-Doubt. He patiently waits for an opportunity to strike. In a flash, his fangs sink into your heart and you cry in pain. You feel discouragement and failure seep into your heart.

But you look down and remember your amulet of Celebrations. Immediately you remind yourself of all the past victories you won to get to this final battle. The amulet begins to glow its warm, encouraging aura that not only stops the poison, but makes you more powerful than ever.

With Loyal Friend fighting alongside you, Procrastination begins to feel outmatched. He jumps to his horse and retreats to Daunting Task Castle, quickly closing the gates behind him. “You may have outwitted me,” he spits from behind the bars. “But your Dreams are still mine. And no matter how hard you try, you will never achieve them.”

You are about to feel helpless when you look at your belt and see the hammer. Sheathing your sword, you take out Task-Breaker and take a swing at Daunting Task Castle. The whole castle and even the ground shakes.

You strike again.

The iron gates crumble to dust and the walls start to crack.

You strike again.

Procrastination is horrified. The walls of Daunting Castle he bragged about to all begin to fall apart into smaller, more manageable chunks.

In the midst of all the ruin sits the treasure chest containing your Dreams. You step forward, and for the first time put your hands on what you’ve chased after your entire life.

You then turn to deal the final strike to Procrastination, but he has disappeared. Out in the Great Unknown, he has begun plotting his revenge to steal your Dreams once again.

In the meantime, you return home with Loyal Friend as you reflect on the knowledge you learned on your quest. And it’s with that knowledge you begin to live the life of your Dreams.

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